Travel: Destination Phoenix: Where to Stay

phoenix hotel reviews

With the world’s attention focused on Arizona today on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought that would be a perfect excuse to highlight “The Grand Canyon State” as our February vacation spot.  There’s a reason most of the MLB teams have their Spring Training facilities here, and that’s because February and March are the perfect times…

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Sweets: Magical Mini Cakes

mini cake header featured

Everything is more darling in miniature form, don’t you think? This sweet cake is a simple little show stopper! Bake your favorite cake recipe and take a circular cookie cutter or a round glass and cut several layers. Frost between each layer and stack! Wouldn’t this cake be the most perfect 1st birthday dessert for…

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Style: Classic and Comfy: What I Wore to Alt Summit

alt summit style header copy

I can’t believe it’s been a week since Alt Summit.  Only a week ago I was sitting in classes surrounded by talented and creative people trying to learn how to create more fun and inspiring content for y’all here on the blog.  It was inspiring, overwhelming and physically exhausting!  As ridiculous as this probably sounds, one of the…

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Master Bedroom Make-Over : Choosing Bedding

Tammy Mitchell - Pink Peppermint Prints Beachy Master Bedroom

With the new year I’m thinking it might be time for a new bedroom.  The walls got a make-over more than a year ago…eek!  That sounds like a long time when I type it out!  I took them from a harvest brown to a taupey-gray.  I’ve been going back and forth on what to do…do…

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Colorful and Cozy Office Decor by DIY Playbook

office decor

A few months ago I had the chance to introduce you to one half of the talented duo behind DIY Playbook when I featured Bridget’s gorgeous dining room.  Well, today I get the pleasure of introducing you to her talented blogging partner Casey.  When I was looking for dining rooms, I ran across Casey’s cute and…

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Football Party Food: Great Guacamole Recipe

football party

Are you ready for some football?  How many of you are hosting a Super Bowl party this weekend?  The best part about any football party is the food.  It can range from down home to gourmet and it’s ALWAYS good!  A must have at any football party in our house is some killer guacamole.  In…

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Sweets: Cake Pan Preparation

cake pan featured header

How many cake pans do you own that have been turned dark and sticky from cooking spray? I’ve owned a million. I thought cooking spray was the best way to go for years and years. Once I started baking professionally, I decided it was time to get serious, get new pans and figure out a…

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